Arash Barirani - Resume

3409 Picadilly Dr. San Jose, CA  95118   -  
​   PH:  408-655-0524 (cell.) 

OBJECTIVE: Obtain a position as a technical manager, confidently moving forward a software engineering team to achieve its project as well as individual team member objectives.   

LANGUAGES: Java, Python, Perl, C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, JavaScript, CSH,

PACKAGES: MQSeries, Weblogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, NetDynamics, Peerlogic
DATABASES: Oracle, SQL Server 2000, MYSQL, Informix.

- Crosby Quality Assurance And Management Training 
- Rummler-Brache Project Management and Performance Improvement Training
- Cadence Project Management Training-Project Planning, Scheduling & Control

Walmart Labs/Sams Club, Sunnyvale, CA - 9/14 – Present
Quality Engineering Lead -
-Test and automate REST Api calls for eCommerce web services applications -- Java / REST
-Test, automate front-end eCommerce tablet application (native-app, web-app) -- Java, Selenium WebDriver.
​-Learn, and fully understand complex eCommerce application functionality, in a short period of time, in order to test and certify web-based applications for production deployment.

Start-up Project, San Jose, CA - 4/13 - 8/14
Lead Developer - Developed a UI-based automation, and test management framework using Python 3.4 and TKinter -- included featured functionality to interact and assist users to create, test, and manage test process for an application software.

Cisco Systems, San Jose CA -  6/10-8/12
QA Software Engineer.
- Prepare in-depth, detailed test plans for Cloud-based Cisco Network software (Cisco Unity Software) - Java, Python,Junit/Oracle.
- Perform full-scale REST API functionality testing for various Cisco Unified Computing Software -- Java/JUnit/Xpath.
- Test NewScale Portal-Based UI software

Empower Internet Services, San Jose Ca - 9/08- 5/10
Internet consultant. Spec, build, test, and maintain business/eCommerce web sites using PHP, HTML, Java.  

Yahoo Inc. Sunnyvale, Ca -   4/08 - 9/08 
QA Software Engineer – Performed White-box testing for various systems applications software. Wrote new test programs and create new formal test case framework structures using C/C++/PHP/Perl / Linux 4/5.0

Empower Internet Services, San Jose, CA.  10/06 - 3/08
Software Engineer Java Server Side programming for uploading and displaying rich-content data such as pictures 
and videos Java, JSP, MySql, Tomcat 3.0

Verizon Wireless Walnut Creek, CA. -   3/05 - 9/06
⦁ Sr. Java Developer -- Used OO design, Core Java, JSP, for building various test  utilities. Provided 24x7  support.Wrote detailed test plans (including complex SQL) and performed extensive testing of a Web-based GUI.Completed standalone Java report generation system using BIRT, Core Java, Oracle, Javax-mail. 

Artima.Com Online Developer Community, Sunnyvale, CA - 3/04 - 3/05
Java Developer/ Technical Sales - Maintained and updated Artima Web Site.  Provided Technical and Sales support. 

VETAZ [Startup] - San Jose, CA.4/02 - 4/04
Sr. Java Developer/Product manager -   Developed a Java-based performance optimization and management system. Wrote technical specs for the funding and patent application phase-- Java, Swing, JSP, MySql.

Planet U / Transora, San Francisco, CA. 4/01 - 2/02 
Sr. Java analyst/programmer - Worked on design and development of an online registration and login user interface for Planet U-Kroger web site (Java/SQL). Worked on UI design,  and server side code logic. Designed and implemented a Weblogic-Netdynamics adapter using Java, JSP, Servlets. 

QuinStreet, Redwood City, CA   11/00 - 12/00
Sr. Software Consultant  - Evaluated feasibility of integrating MQSeries middleware to the existing eCommerce Services design architecture. Installed and created prototype application using MQSeries

DHL Express, Redwood City, CA.  3/95 - 11/00
⦁ Lead Java/Lead Systems Programmer - Designed, developed, and deployed  DHL's first eCommerce shipping service: Web Ship (Java, MQSeries). Trained new DHL Software Engineers.  Planned, executed live deployments.
⦁ Technical lead for DHL infrastructure middleware products (MQSeries,  Peerlogic Pipes,  DHL TCP/IP transports.) 
⦁ Lead systems engineer for WPX data transport applications (the most time-critical DHL business data transfer. )

Cemax Corporation, Fremont, CA.  9/94-3/95
Software Engineer - Enhance and support test image processing/transfer software using Unix/Sun Solaris C/C++.

Trace Product Inc., San Jose, CA.  2/91-7/94
Software Engineer - Develop, maintain, test, support (production, manufacturing, and customer) of real-time software for diskette duplication system.  Developed UNIX message server in C (large, long-term project.)

Software Engineer, Semiconductor Systems Inc., Fremont, CA.   1/89-1/91
Software Engineer - Develop, enhance, support manufacturing,  and maintain real-time robotics control and UI software for operating Photolithography track systems using Vrtx32 under OS/2 and DOS using MS-C and PLM-51. 

U. of Iowa Cardiovascular Research Center, Iowa City, IA.   1/87-5/88  
Real-Time Programming using C, HP Basic.

U. of Iowa Dept. of Comp. Sci., Iowa City, IA.   1/87-5/87    
Teaching Assistant, Taught two Small-Sections of Pascal​​

My Experience

My Skills


  • Java, Pyhton, Perl
  • Formal QA Testing 
  • Systems Engineering